In a recent survey, research found that an estimated 77% of vehicles on the road were currently in need of maintenance or repairs. Whether the vehicle damage has occurred from physical accidents or just general wear and tear, these repairs can often cost a significant amount of money.

As a vehicle owner, you need to do everything you can to protect your vehicle, get it repaired whenever necessary, but do so in a fair and affordable manner. Don’t let inexperienced auto service workers damage your wallet more than your vehicle. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to get your vehicle fixed but not spend a fortune doing so.

Here are some great tips for saving a few bucks the next time you’re in need of various auto services.

  • Try and fix it yourself (at least partially) — Though you might not have that much auto repair knowledge, with YouTube and other digital resources, you should be able to at least somewhat address the issue. Even partially fixing vehicle damage can save you a ton of money when you visit professional auto service shops. For the big stuff, you’ll likely still need professional assistance, but you should be able to handle your vehicle’s lights, wiper blades, oil filter, and a few other parts.
  • Focus on preventative maintenance — The best way to save money on vehicle repairs is to prevent them altogether. If you neglect your car, you’ll end up having to spend a lot more money — a lot more frequently — on auto repairs. In order to prevent your vehicle from being easily damaged, regularly check your car’s fluid levels, inflate your tires correctly, replace brake pads regularly, and more.
  • Bring in used parts — Rather than buying new parts every time you need some auto maintenance, finding some used parts online can be a much more affordable option. This will likely save you hundreds of dollars on repairs and you’ll still be able to find high-quality parts.

Don’t waste a significant amount of money on lesser quality or inexperienced car service, whether you need an oil change, brake services, or general auto body repair, give Grease Monkey Idaho a call right away.

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