If your vehicle is slow to turn over, you may need a car battery replacement or new alternator. Here, we’ll explain when to replace your car battery, what you can expect from Grease Monkey car battery services, and the importance of a routine alternator check.

Car Battery Replacement 

Most vehicles need car battery replacement services based on manufacturer recommendations. The average car battery has a four to five-year working life.

Signs you may need to replace a car battery include:

  • A frequent need for jump-starts
  • Bulging battery case
  • Dim headlights
  • Slow engine turnover
  • Unpleasant smells from the battery
  • The vehicle starts slowly in the morning

What We Do 

Grease Monkey® technicians offer complimentary battery checks with every visit. If the battery test reveals corrosion, we clean the battery and its terminals. If the battery test indicates the battery is in need of replacement, we offer battery replacement service.

How Battery Replacement Works 

Your technician takes the following steps during a car battery replacement:

  1. Disconnects the battery terminals
  2. Removes the old battery
  3. Cleans the battery tray
  4. Checks battery terminals for signs of corrosion, cleaning them if necessary
  5. Installs the new battery and reconnects the terminals
  6. Tests the battery connections

Car Battery Check

What We Do 

Many vehicle manufacturers recommend you get a car battery check twice a year. The process is straightforward. Our technicians check the battery’s voltage using a multimeter and check the results against your manufacturer’s manual. The technician also visually inspects the battery for signs of damage and cleans the terminal connections. 

If the technician sees signs of battery damage or the multimeter reads an abnormal voltage, your technician will recommend battery replacement services and provide you with an estimate of costs. 

Alternator Check and Alternator Replacement Service

Your car alternator converts power generated by the crankshaft into electricity, and charges the vehicle’s battery and powers electrical components. A faulty alternator can result in a loss of battery charge or impair the performance of your headlights, windshield wipers, and entertainment console. 

What We Do 

Grease Monkey offers both routine alternator checks, with some service centers also offering alternator replacement services. Check your vehicle manual to see how often the manufacturer recommends an alternator check. On average, you should have your alternator checked every five years unless the car starts stalling or has trouble starting. 

How Alternator Check and Replacement Service Works 

During a car alternator check, the technician inspects all wires and connectors, checks for corrosion or rust on metal components, inspects the alternator belt for signs of wear and tear, checks fluid levels, and takes voltage readings. If any components require repair work or replacement, the technician explains the issue to you and provides a repair estimate. 

If the technician determines the car alternator cannot be repaired, they recommend alternator replacement services. An alternator replacement removes the faulty alternator and installs replacement  components. 

Things to Consider About Car Alternator Check and Replacement Service 

As an alternator fails, it produces several noticeable symptoms. Interior and exterior lights often dim, brighten, or flicker in response to voltage fluctuations. Your battery may die frequently due to an inconsistent power supply, automatic windows may take longer to open and close, or you may notice strange readings on your speedometer and other dashboard instruments. The vehicle may stall and have trouble starting, or you may hear whining or growling noises caused by a misaligned alternator belt. The smell of burning electrical components or rubber can indicate a faulty car alternator, and your dashboard check battery light should light up.

A faulty alternator is a serious problem and needs prompt attention. Whether you need an alternator check or battery replacement services, you can count on Grease Monkey. Check our locations page to find a Grease Monkey near you!

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