Car Wash Services

Participating Grease Monkey® locations offer touchless car wash services. Road salt, dirt, mud, and other debris build up on your car’s body over time and can damage paint. Wet dirt can even be acidic enough to weaken metal parts. Regularly visiting a Grease Monkey car wash helps keep your vehicle clean and shiny.

What We Do 

Participating Grease Monkey centers include touchless car wash services for your convenience. Touchless car washes are gentler on bodywork than the rough rollers and brushes of traditional drive-through car washes.

How Touchless Car Wash Services Work 

Just what is a touchless car wash? A touchless car wash is an automatic drive-through car wash that cleans your vehicle using high-pressure water jets and detergents without physical contact.  

Things to Consider About Car Wash Services 

When choosing car wash services, look for a car wash that includes car waxing and undercarriage washes. Avoid traditional drive-through car washes; their brushes are abrasive and can scratch paint. When possible, opt for a touchless Grease Monkey car wash.

Check out our Find a Location page to discover a Grease Monkey center near you. 

Only available at participating locations only.

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