Cooling System Repair Services

What We Do 

Grease Monkey© provides the car cooling system repair services you need. Our trained technicians inspect your cooling system for signs of damage and coolant leaks, provide coolant flushes, and replace old coolant based on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. 

 How to Know When Your Cooling System Needs Repair

Signs you need coolant system services include overheating engines, antifreeze coolant leaks, a need to constantly top off coolant levels, and a lingering smell of antifreeze. If a coolant hose leaks, you may find antifreeze coolant pools under parked vehicles. Antifreeze manufacturers dye antifreeze lime-green, orange, blue-green, or pink for easy identification.

 How Cooling System Repair Service Works 

During a Grease Monkey cooling system inspection, our technicians pressure-check your cooling system and inspect the following parts for signs of leakage or damage: 

  • Coolant hoses
  • Water pump
  • Radiator belts
  • Thermostat
  • Cooling fan

Our technicians inform you if they detect damaged parts, such as leaking coolant hoses, and provide an accurate estimate of any car cooling system repair costs. Once all damaged parts are repaired or replaced, Grease Monkey technicians add new antifreeze to the system. 

Things to Consider About Cooling System Repair Services

A routine cooling system service schedule reduces the risk of radiator damage by catching small issues before they become serious and expensive problems. Your owner’s manual should contain manufacturer recommendations for when to have your cooling system serviced and when to perform an antifreeze coolant flush. Need car cooling system repair services? Check our Find a Location page to find Grease Monkey service centers near you! 

Only available at participating locations.

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