Headlight Bulb Replacement

What We Do 

Headlight bulb replacement is a fact of life when you own a vehicle. A bulb will eventually burn out or become “foggy” over time. Grease Monkey© offers both headlight bulb replacement and headlight restoration services to help you see clearly in low-light conditions. 

How to Know When to Replace a Headlight

The following signs indicate it’s time for a headlight bulb replacement:

  • Dim headlights indicate the bulbs are dying.
  • Flickering headlights may mean the lightbulbs need replacing, but can also indicate problems with your battery or electrical system.
  • Weather and wear result in hazy, foggy headlights. A headlight restoration service can often revitalize headlights, but extensive damage may require a new headlight. 
  • Burned-out headlights are an obvious sign you need a replacement. You should replace a headlight before it burns out completely. 

How Headlight Bulb Replacement Services Work

Grease Monkey technicians consult your user manual to select the correct headlights for your vehicle and replace old lights. Technicians may recommend checking your battery or electrical components for potential causes of flickering lights other than faulty or dying headlights. 

Things to Consider About Headlight Bulb Replacement Services 

How quickly your headlights burn out depends on how often you use them. Vehicles that see plenty of night or low-light driving will require headlight bulb replacement sooner than those driving primarily during sunlight hours. Exposure to sunlight, harsh chemicals, road salt, and other debris can also reduce the time between headlight replacements. 

Grease Monkey technicians recommend replacing both headlights at the same time. If one headlight shows signs of dying, its twin probably isn’t far behind. Two new headlights provide consistent light and field of vision, as they have the same strength. Replacing both headlights at once is also convenient, as you only need to make one trip to the service center instead of two.

Headlight Restoration Services 

What We Do 

Most car headlights have a protective coating to prevent scuffs, scratches, and other minor damage. Exposure to weather, sunlight, dirt, and road debris causes the coating to deteriorate over time. When this happens, lights may appear cloudy or foggy.

Hazy, discolored, or “foggy” headlights provide inferior illumination and simply look unattractive, but they don’t always need replacing. Headlight restoration can often return “foggy” headlights to like-new condition. 

How to Know When Your Headlights Should Be Restored

Signs you need a headlight restoration service include the following:

  • Hazy or foggy light caused by deteriorating lens covers
  • Dull, yellow light caused by sunlight and environmental exposure
  • Scuffs due to minor accidents
  • Limited visibility caused by reduced lighting

How Headlight Restoration Services Work 

Grease Monkey technicians remove oxidation and polish headlight lenses during a headlight restoration service to remove scratches and pitted surfaces. We remove the cloudy protective coating and apply a clear, hard resin sealant.  

Things to Consider About Headlight Restoration Services 

Before a headlight restoration service, your Grease Monkey technician will discuss whether you should have the headlight restored or replaced. Replacing the light is often the better option if the headlight has severe damage. 

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