Transmission Services

What We Do 

Transmission fluid keeps a vehicle’s transmission cool and lubricated, maintaining transmission efficiency while protecting parts from wear and tear. Like any of your vehicle’s fluids, transmission fluid has a working lifespan after which it needs replacing. When the time comes for a transmission fluid exchange, contact Grease Monkey©. Our skilled technicians will take care of you whether you need a manual or automatic transmission service. 

How to Know When Your Car’s Transmission Needs Servicing

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual should recommend how often you need a transmission service. This recommendation may range from 30,000 to 150,000 miles, depending on the vehicle manufacturer.

Remember, these recommendations are only guidelines. You may need more frequent transmission services if you drive in rough conditions or tow heavy loads. Additionally, you should consider a transmission service if you detect any of the following signs:

  • Burning smells caused by overheating
  • Check Engine or Service Transmission lights come on
  • Difficulty switching from park to drive
  • Poor acceleration
  • Red-colored puddles under the vehicle 
  • Slipping gears or an inability to switch gears

How Transmission Services Work 

A Grease Monkey transmission fluid service may require a transmission fluid exchange, where we remove the old fluid and replace it. Some car transmissions have a plug so we can drain old transmission fluid and add new in much the same way we perform an oil change. If your vehicle has a transmission filter, we replace it as well. 

Things to Consider About Transmission Services 

Regular transmission service is essential if you drive an automatic. Transmission fluid in an automatic vehicle provides the hydraulic pressure needed to make the internal parts of the transmission function, in addition to adding lubrication and preventing overheating. Automatic transmissions produce more heat than manual transmissions, so transmission fluid degrades faster.

People sometimes confuse automatic transmission service with differential service. The differential connects your transmission with the vehicle’s driveshaft, and uses a different fluid from the transmission.

Transaxle Services 

Transaxle cars and trucks are front, all-wheel, or four-wheel drive vehicles where the transmission, axle, and differential make up a single system. 

What We Do

Transaxle fluid plays the same role as transmission fluid: it cools and lubricates transaxle components. Like transmission fluid, transaxle fluid breaks down over time. Grease Monkey technicians drain or flush transaxle fluid in accordance with your owner’s manual recommendations. 

How to Know When Your Car’s Transaxle Needs Servicing

Your user’s manual will include how often you need to service your transaxle and when to change transaxle fluid. You may need your transaxle serviced outside of regular maintenance if you hear buzzing or whining noises as the transaxle shifts gears. 

How Transaxle Services Works 

Transaxle service requires different steps than automatic transmission service and typically combines a transmission fluid change with a differential service. 

Regular servicing is vital for the health of transmission and transaxle systems. Use our Find a Location page to find a Grease Monkey service center near you! 

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