Car Starter & Battery Charging Services

What We Do

Your car battery provides electricity to the car starter while also powering your vehicle’s computer systems, lights, windshield wipers, and entertainment system. Your car’s alternator charges the car battery by converting mechanical energy from the engine to alternating electrical current. 

Grease Monkey© car battery services inspect and clean the battery and its main components. With proper care and servicing, a car battery lasts approximately three to five years. We offer car battery replacement services for when you need a new battery.

How to Know When Your Car Battery Needs to be Replaced or Recharged

You may need to charge or replace your car battery if you notice any of the following issues: 

  • Your headlights dim while your engine is idling
  • Dashboard lights flicker
  • Car “clicking” when trying to start
  • Power windows open and close slowly
  • The top of the battery and its connection points show signs of corrosion
  • Your manufacturer’s user manual indicates it is time to replace the car battery  
  • The Battery Warning light comes on

Sometimes these symptoms just indicate the need to clean or charge the car battery. If problems continue after charging the battery, or if the battery shows signs of swelling, cracking, or leaking, you may need a car battery replacement service. 

How Car Battery Services Work 

Grease Monkey technicians offer a battery guard service if a visual inspection finds signs of corrosion. Many Grease Monkey service centers provide complimentary battery inspections as part of a Full Service Oil Change. During a battery guard service, we inspect the battery, the battery cables, and the terminals. We clean the battery and its terminals, then treat the terminals to protect against further corrosion. Our technicians also perform an open circuit voltage and load test. 

Should our technicians determine you need to replace the car battery, we report back to you and provide an estimate for car battery installation costs. We replace your battery with a new one based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Things to Consider About Car Battery Services

A car battery installation requires knowledge of the vehicle’s electrical system. While many car owners try to replace a car battery themselves, most people prefer to let qualified technicians handle the installation process. Grease Monkey technicians check all connections when installing a battery and ensure proper function before you drive away. Check out our Find a Location page for a Grease Monkey service center near you! (Services available at participating locations only).

Car Alternator and Starter Replacement Services 

What We Do 

Your car starter and alternator are essential parts of your vehicle’s electrical system. Some Grease Monkey locations can replace your alternator or car starter. We also offer alternator belt replacement services. 

How to Know When Your Alternator and Starter Needs to be Replaced

Your car starter may need to be replaced if you notice any of the following signs: 

  • Car “clicking” when trying to start
  • Whining or grinding noises when trying to start the car
  • The dashboard lights up, but the engine refuses to start
  • The engine does not start after you jumpstart the car battery 
  • You see or smell smoke due to a short-circuit or blown car starter fuse 
  • The car starter is covered in oil

In contrast, the symptoms listed below may indicate the need for an alternator replacement:

  • The Check Battery or Check Engine light turns on
  • A voltage gauge battery test reads too high or too low
  • Grinding or squealing noises from the engine
  • Frequent need to jumpstart or charge the car battery
  • Headlights too dim, too bright, or flickering
  • Windows open and close slowly
  • Car stalls frequently

How Car Alternator and Starter Replacement Services Work 

During car alternator and car battery services, Grease Monkey technicians visually inspect the alternator or starter for signs of damage. Technicians then test the voltage of the car battery, starter, and alternator. We check the state of your alternator belt and determine how often the vehicle manufacturer recommends an alternator belt replacement. If the belt has no sign of damage but has reached the end of its recommended lifespan, technicians often recommend an alternator belt replacement anyway, as old belts are susceptible to sudden failure.

After your car alternator and starter servicing, Grease Monkey technicians report back to you with their findings. If they recommend you replace an alternator or starter, our technicians provide an accurate estimate of costs. 

Things to Consider About Car Alternator and Starter Replacement Services

If you have trouble starting your car or sustaining a battery charge, make an appointment at your local Grease Monkey. Our Find a Location page makes it easy to discover your nearest service center. 

Only available at participating locations.

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