Tire Rotation Services

What We Do 

The tires on your vehicle wear at different rates, depending on their position, weight distribution, the state of the roads you drive, and your driving style. Tire rotation services help your tires wear evenly and maintain the same tread depth, reducing the risk of blowouts. 

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

Your vehicle manufacturer recommends how often you should rotate your tires. Remember these recommendations are guidelines based on typical driving patterns and road conditions. You may need earlier-than-recommended tire service if you notice any of the following signs: 

  • Uneven wear between wheels. Typically, front wheels wear faster than rear wheels. 
  • You may need a tire rotation if your vehicle vibrates at 45 mph or more. Vibrations may also occur if the wheels need balancing or are misaligned.


How Tire Rotation Services Work

Grease Monkey© technicians check the manufacturer’s recommendations at the start of a tire service and let you know how often you need to schedule a tire rotation service. During tire rotation, our technicians remove the tires and rotate them to extend the life of your tires and ensure even tire tread wear. 

Things to Consider About Tire Rotation Services 

Drivers should arrange a tire service if they notice signs of uneven wear, cracks or bubbles caused by air leaking into the outer tire body, and other damage. Some Grease Monkey locations offer free tire pressure checks with a full-service oil change, which can alert technicians to potential tire problems. 

Looking for a nearby service center for your next tire rotation? Check out our Find a Location page to discover a Grease Monkey tire rotation service near you! 

Only available at participating locations.

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