Electrical Vehicle Maintenance Services

As electric vehicles become more common, the demand for reliable EV maintenance has increased significantly. Grease Monkey® service centers are rising to the challenge, providing electric car maintenance services at participating centers. An electric car motor differs considerably from a traditional combustion engine and requires special training for successful maintenance.

What We Do 

Grease Monkey technicians offer the following electric vehicle maintenance services at participating locations:

Please note not all Grease Monkey service centers provide EV maintenance services. Call your local Grease Monkey to determine which services they offer. 

Do electric cars use oil?

No. Electric vehicles have no pistons or valves requiring lubrication, so motor oil is unnecessary.

When Should You Take Your Electric Vehicle in for Maintenance Services?  

Electric car motors typically require less annual servicing than traditional vehicles as they have fewer moving parts. Your user manual should recommend an electric vehicle maintenance schedule. Typically, EV maintenance includes checking changing brake fluid and the coolant in the cooling system per manufacturer recommendation and rotating the tires every six months. 

Things to Consider About Electric Vehicle Maintenance Services

While more electric vehicles are on the road every day, they remain less common than combustion engine-driven vehicles. As a result, not all service centers offer electric vehicle maintenance. Find a Grease Monkey service center near you and call them to see if they provide EV maintenance services. If so, all you need to do is drop by—no appointment necessary!

Only available at participating locations.

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