Power Steering Fluid Exchange Services

Your vehicle’s power steering system helps you turn the steering wheel with less effort. Without power steering, you’d need more physical effort to steer, especially when making tight turns. 

Power steering relies on a pump connected to the engine or is electronically powered. The pump pressurizes power steering fluid through hoses to the steering gear. Power steering fluid also keeps system components lubricated and free of contamination. 

What We Do 

A Grease Monkey® power steering fluid exchange service inspects the pump and hoses of your steering system for signs of wear and tear. Our technicians exchange power steering fluid based on your vehicle’s mileage and manufacturer recommendation. We use a universal power steering fluid that meets all manufacturer specifications. 

Our technicians change power steering fluid based on your user’s manual recommendations to determine which type of power steering fluid is compatible with your system’s pump and hoses. 

How to Know When Your Car Needs Power Steering Services

You may need a power steering service if you notice any of the following issues:

  • An illuminated Service Power Steering light 
  • Turning requires more physical effort
  • Loud whining noises from the pump
  • A frequent need to top off power steering fluid
  • Squealing noises from belts

How Power Steering Services Work 

During a power steering fluid exchange service, our technicians remove the old fluid from the system to remove dirt and contaminants. We add new fluid following your user manual’s recommendations and check the pump, hoses, o-rings, and seals for signs of damage. Between power steering services, our technicians check and top off power steering fluid during multipoint inspections. 

Things to Consider About Power Steering Services 

Grease Monkey technicians recommend power steering fluid exchange services based on your owner’s manual recommendations. If no recommendation is given, many fluid manufacturers recommend a complete power steering fluid exchange once a year or every 30,000 miles.

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